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RAD (for Tarjeta de Adquisición de Datos in Spanish) was developed by CIRES, as an accessible alternative for measuring the seismic response of structures subject to the action of earthquakes, to evaluate the conditions of structural security. RAD can use solid state triaxial strong motion recorders servo actuated and to take up to 200 readings per sec., with a resolution of 12 or 16 bits.


It initializes operation when the amplitude of the signal on any channel reaches the proponed threshold. RAD equipment has solid state memory and an operating program developed in a graphic environment that shows every operation parameter. It also permits the configuration the system, its different recording and analysis settings. It can communicate information via a series 232 port, locally up to 115.2 kbauds or via modem with telephonic connection. It can use external time references and tele control start signals.


RAD Card


The accelerometric recording system is composed of the following elements:
*Protection board: Metallic board with reference to physical ground.
*Data acquisition card: RAD card with 12 bit resolution (16 bit optional).
*Accelerometric Sensors: Triaxial array of servosensors with range of 1/2 g., aligned with the geographic axes.
*Supply batteries: Automotive accumulator of +12 V CD that provides the energy necessary to the function of the cards and the sensors (the use of maintenance-free sealed batteries is recommended).
*Solar Panels: located on the top of the cabin, they maintain the charge of the batteries.
*Battery charger: Provides charge/discharge cycles to the equipment battery for longer battery life.


Components RAD


*Resolution of 12 bits, 16 bits optional.
*PCMCIA memory 1Mb standard.
*Autodiagnostic System.
*LED Indicators and liquid crystal display of 2 lines per 16 characters.
*Software for equipment programing, operation and record analysis.
*It operates with servo accelerometers, piezo-resistive and piezo-electric sensors.

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