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The SARMEX® (for Sistema de Alerta de Riesgos Mexicano in Spanish) is a radio receptor which provides a range of different rapid response functions, including the Seismic Alert System sound.

The SARMEX® responds quickly to warnings. It is designed to give the most alert time to hazard warning issued by authorities such as in the case of an approaching earthquake.

It is important to notice that the SARMEX® receptor is designed to operate with Seismic Alert System of Mexico City (SAS) and with different warning systems for other kinds of risks.

It is designed for monitoring one of the seven frequency channels specified by NOAA silently and generating an audible warning when risk is near. The radio can trigger other warning devices (such as a buzzer or a strobe light).


SARMEX® Receiver



* Reception of 7 channel of NOAA with 162,400 MHz to 162,550 MHz frequencies
* 30 Km range for reception in open areas
* 0.25 microvolts sensitivity
* Official Sound of the Seismic Alert System included
* Relay output for Seismic Alert activation
* Easy programming with the icons shown on the display
* Two-tone alert for other risk alerts
* 16 levels of adjustable volume
* 16 levels of adjustable voice
* AC / DC Adapter
* Battery charger included
* Four (4) AA batteries (6 Volt DC) for operation and backup
* Low battery Indicator


To verify that the equipment is tuned, SASMEX® issues a monitoring signal every 3 hours at the following times: 2:45, 5:45, 8:45, 11:45 14:45, 17:45, 20:45, 23:45 hrs. The SARMEX® receptor to picks up this message, displays on screen the text "REQUIRED WEEKLY TEST" and activates the yellow ADVISORY indicator, which will remain activated for 3 hours to receive the message, this message does not generate sound.


When SASMEX® generates an alert, the receptor emits an official audio "Earthquake Alert" which lasts 60 seconds. It displays on screen the message "EARTHQUAKE WARNING" and actives the red indicator WARNING for 15 minutes.


The radio receiver SARMEX® meets the technical standards of the National Weather Radio (NWR), which belongs to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), of the United States that employs Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) and Emergency Alert System (EAS).

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